Coffee by Two Twins


Each bag includes a complimentary packet of Thirdwave Water minerals.
Good coffee starts with good water.


Proud Mary Humbler Blend

Honduras/Brazil/El Salvador

Approachable and easy to use without complex technique. This coffee really delivers.

Notes: Chocolate Fudge, Caramel, Big Syrupy Body

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Proud Mary Honeysuckle Blend

Proud Mary Honeysuckle Blend

Africa/Central America

Sweet, syrupy and lush! Honeysuckle is a bright and vibrant blend. Utilizing both natural and washed process coffees provides Honeysuckle with heightened sweetness and a silky textural element in the cup!

Notes: Strawberry jam, maple syrup & Turkish delight

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Proud Mary Rugori

Ngozi, Burundi

This stunning washed coffee is sure to bring you joy and happiness! Legend has it that the people of Ngozi Province are always in good spirits. It’s said that they spread joy and happiness wherever they go.

Notes: Flowers, Jasmine, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry


Proud Mary Sitio d’Agua Limpa ‘Cup Of Excellence’ #6 100g

Carmo De Minas, Brazil

Great care has been taken with the preparation of this lot. The cherries were selectively handpicked over cloths to prevent any of them from touching the ground, decreasing the chance of contamination. As a result this coffee is very clean and sweet with a complexity of flavor notes found only in the very best of Brazilian coffees.

Notes: Milk Chocolate, Red Berries, Tropical Flowers, Syrup

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Clever Coffee Dripper

A brilliantly simple brewing solution for at-home enthusiasts. The Clever Dripper combines static steeping processes like a French Press, but met with the simplicity and filter usage like a pour over. Good coffee, easy cleanup.

Brews 1-10oz. cup of coffee at a time.

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